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Byos® is our one-touch platform that launches seamless workflows for complex biotherapeutic characterization.  It allows researchers to move from raw file to report in just minutes.

Byos functions as an integrated application where templated workflows can be launched with one click of the mouse.  Simply drag-and-drop RAW files of interest, and relevant FASTA files, and Byos does all the work.  Byos processes all MS/MS searches, assembles the project, and quantifies attributes such as PTMs and other features.  Each templated workflow offers rapidly user-configurable reports.   Researchers can also develop custom workflows within the Byos application so that all attributes can be seen in one view.

Designed to support users with a range of expertise, Byos significantly improves laboratory efficiency, reproducibility, and reporting.  It enables the clearest sight into protein characterization across multiple workflows, and throughout the discovery and development pipeline.


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Product Details

Key Features

  • Analyzes data from all major mass spectrometry instruments and vendors
  • Processes MS/MS searches and provides XIC feature comparison with identifications
  • Enables in silico XIC feature comparison for MS1 data
  • Offers comparability workflows for chromatogram analysis with MS/MS IDs
  • Supports in silico chromatogram analysis with MS1 data
  • Provides unbiased intact mass charge deconvolution for intact, reduced and antibody drug conjugates
  • Automates advanced analyses such as Sequence Variant Analysis, Host Cell Protein quantitation, and Disulfide Bond Mapping.
  • Automates de novo sequencing

Product Resources

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