Protein Metrics


We believe that protein analysis should never be limited by instrument software. Our software analyzes chromatography and mass spectrometry data sets from almost any vendor to help researchers and laboratories attain clear scientific insights and develop new diagnostics and therapeutics.

Our Product Promise

        Our Customers

        “With Byologic® I replaced six different analytical LC/MS Peptide map methods (six analysts doing six methods) with one MS method. We transferred it to the High Throughput Screening group. They can run that one method faster than it used to take one analyst to run an individual method, and we can generate and ask questions much more quickly.

        Using Protein Metrics software, we can also run cell-culture samples directly in days. Prior to implementing their software, it took us six months to send samples to purification and then analyze them.”

        Matt Traylor, Ph.D.
        Associate Director, Analytical Development, Shire

        “Protein Metrics software is a powerful tool for analyzing glycosylation and other PTMS. Their software greatly alleviates the mass spec data analysis bottleneck.”

        Wilson Phung
        Scientific Researcher, Genentech

        “I really like the Protein Metrics software. It helped us to make advances that we may not have been able to with other software. It identified protein impurities that we couldn’t make with other software. I was impressed with the auto reporting features and search engine. We realized cost savings and were able to reallocate resources. We can now get deeper into our to data to find what we’re looking for. The people are really great to deal with – Eric and the team – fantastic, we get a very good response from them.”

        Mimi Roy, Ph.D.
        Sr. Director, Analytical DevelopmentAmerican biotech focused on enzyme replacement therapies