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Byonic™ is our full MS/MS search engine providing unequalled sensitivity for comprehensive peptide and protein identification. Byonic™ results can be input into Byologic™ and/or Byomap™ along with the raw mass spec data and any HPLC data.


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Product Details

Key Features

  • Top-down and bottom-up search capabilities
  • Modification Fine Control™ for fast and accurate identification, even with 20+ types of modification
  • Wildcard Search™ for unknown modifications
  • Intact glycopeptide identification
  • Disulfide bond and crosslink identification
  • Sequence variant search and modification site localization
  • Scoring models for all types of fragmentation spectra: CID, TOF-TOF, QTOF HCD, ETD/ECD, and EThcD

Related Information

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  • Need more than MS/MS identifications?  Take Byonic™ results into Byologic® and Byomap™ for detailed peptide level analysis.

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