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Whether you’re looking to enhance your routine protein and peptide analysis, or streamline and automate your more complex workflows, our solutions advance protein characterization on any vendor platform.

  • Has your characterization software kept pace with your therapeutic proteins?
  • Can you effectively compare samples?
  • Are you wasting time creating reports from a hodge-podge of vendor software, home-built macros, and Microsoft products?
  • Are you analyzing large, complicated data sets and worried that you’re missing identifications?
  • Do you need to identify and localize glyopeptides, disulfide bonds and cross links, or multiple modifications?
  • Are you concerned with unknown or unexpected modifications?


Our software captures all the details of your raw data so that you can confidently analyze your most complex therapeutic proteins, compare samples side by side, and generate template reports automatically.

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Byonic™ enables the most sensitive and flexible search of proteins and peptides, with expected or unknown Wildcard modifications, for any lab with bottom-up or top-down analysis.

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With Protein Metrics, your results will be more complete, accurate, and easier to achieve.

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Our innovative Byonic™ search engine provides sensitive and comprehensive peptide and protein identification that is second-to-none. With our companion Preview™ software you can rapidly assess mass errors, digestion specificity, and modifications for a subsequent full search by Byonic. Jump-start your research with confidence. Get a Free 30-Day Trial of Byonic and Preview.

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Protein Metrics does not sell or give away customer information to any other company.