Protein Metrics


Supernovo™ is a unique, hands-free solution for end-to-end de novo sequencing of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), enabling high throughput protein discovery.

Sequencing mAbs is a labor-intensive process. Supernovo software automates this analysis and provides a complete antibody sequence. Just as importantly, Supernovo displays metrics used to validate the sequence.


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Product Details

Key Features

  • Automated de novo sequencing based on robust MS/MS scoring algorithms
  • Automated assembly of sequenced peptides onto a mAb framework
  • Convenient project creation via drag-and-drop of MS/MS raw files
  • Enables user-friendly review of results by presenting MS, MS/MS, and XIC of all peptides in easy-to-use review dashboard.
  • Summary of the accumulated evidence for each cleavage between amino acid residues – both MS (digestion) and MS/MS (fragmentation)
  • Rapid rejection of false-positive identifications
  • Exports figures and tables in variety of formats via configurable pivot report summaries

Product Resources

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