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Intact Mass™

Protein Metrics’ Intact Mass™ software analyzes mass spectra of intact (undigested) proteins. With the advent of a wider range of therapeutic proteins, and release assays for reduced or intact mAbs, half- or truncated mAbs, antibody drug conjugates, and therapeutic proteins with complex glycosylation, the old charge deconvolution tools no longer meet the requirements for speed, sensitivity, and avoidance of algorithmic artifacts.

Intact Mass enables what the biopharma industry has asked for: intact mass reports from low- or high-resolution MS, from any MS vendor, and any type of MS instrument. Using a modern, parsimonious algorithm, our Intact Mass software analyzes any number of elution peaks, avoiding the need for each chromatographic region to be processed independently. Intact Mass enables workflow automation, from file reading to report generation, for streamlined processing of large numbers of samples.


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Product Details

Key Features

  • Support for all major mass spectrometry instruments and vendors
  • Automatic or manual chromatographic time windows
  • The first software in decades to offer a new algorithmic approach to charge state deconvolution that avoids the shortcomings of maximum entropy
  • Automatic assignment of mass identifications
  • Batch processing and automated side-by-side comparison of multiple samples
  • Automated DAR calculations for ADC samples
  • Exports figures and tables in variety of formats via configurable pivot summaries

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