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Byomap™ is advanced peptide mapping software developed in collaboration with biopharmaceutical scientists for chromatogram-based peptide mapping (UV or TIC). The software sets a smooth baseline, detects and annotates elution peaks, and computes peak areas for accurate relative quantitation.

Byomap can simultaneously align and compare multiple peptide maps to an annotated reference map, and automatically report figures and tables for filing documents with time-stamped audit trails.


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Key Features

  • Automatically annotates elution peaks with peptides from in silico digest or an MS/MS identifications
  • User annotation and validation based on MS, MS/MS, and/or manual identifications
  • Accurately aligns and quantitatively compares multiple UV or TIC peptide maps, enabling batch or automated processing of samples
  • Tracking of CQA’s and flagging of peaks with out-of-tolerance intensities
  • Exports figures and tables in a variety of formats via configurable pivot summaries

Related Information

Byomap™ is designed to use the identifications output by Byonic™

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