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Byologic® is unique software developed in partnership with biopharmaceutical scientists for detailed, peptide-centric analysis of protein samples.  It is used from late discovery through clinical development to define design space and product profile, and supports Multi-Attribute Method (MAM) reporting.

Byologic enables researchers to confidently characterize their product down to trace components, and reduces turn-around time by a number of weeks. Flexible summary tables can quickly generate reports for non-mass spec stakeholders for internal review, or for application filings.


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Product Details

Key Features

  • Convenient identification of sequence variants, PTMs, and degradants down to concentrations across the mass spectrometer’s dynamic range relative to the unmodified form
  • Rapid rejection of false-positive identifications
  • Visual comparison of MS1 and MS2 spectra of variant and unmodified forms
  • Label-free quantification of variants relative to the unmodified sequence using XICs
  • Exports figures and tables in variety of formats via configurable pivot report summaries

Related Information

Byologic® is designed to use the identifications output by Byonic™.

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