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    • Recalibrates m/z measurements based on confident identifications, improving accuracy by up to 20x
    • Assays 60 different modifications, both sample preparation artifacts and post-translational modifications
    • Autogenerates search parameters for Byonic™ and Thermo Scientific Proteome Discover™
    • Reports the most abundant proteins in the sample
    • Supports all types of tandem mass spectrometers


Operates stand-alone or as a node in Thermo Scientific’s Proteome Discover™ versions 1.4, 2.0, and future releases.

If you would like to install the node in Proteome Discoverer please contact us.  See the review from a Thermo Fisher Application Scientist on their Proteomics News Blog.

Product Description (for details, click here)
Preview™ samples shotgun proteomics data to measure mass errors, digestion specificity, and modifications for subsequent full search by Byonic™ or other proteomics search engines.

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                   Pre-search Analysis for Proteomics Research