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Intact_Movie Video: ASMS 2016: Model-Based Algorithms for Intact Mass Analysis of Biotherapeutics


ADCWorld_Movie Video: ADCWorld Webinar: Streamlining Drug Development Native LC-MS for Rapid Screening and Drug Product QC Release Testing of ADCs


  • Support for all major mass spectrometry instruments and vendors
  • Automatic or manual chromatographic time windows
  • Deconvolution of charge states to transform m/z spectra to mass spectra
  • Automatic m/z peak picking and intensity calculations
  • Side-by-side comparison of multiple samples
  • Reporting of summary data and figures

  Vendor-neutral deconvolution software for intact mass analysis

Product Description

Protein Metrics Intact Mass software analyzes mass spectra of intact (undigested) proteins. When electrospray was first applied to biomolecules 30 years ago, the very first spectra obtained by mass spectrometry (MS) were of small, but intact, proteins, presaging the current era in which intact mass analysis has proved essential for biopharma development [1]. The first commercial software to deconvolve charge states and reconstruct the masses became available only a decade later, and over the past 20 years software development has generally lagged behind hardware development. With the advent of a wider range of therapeutic proteins, and release assays for reduced or intact mAbs, half- or truncated mAbs, antibody drug conjugates, and therapeutic proteins with complex glycosylation, the old tools no longer meet the requirements for speed, sensitivity, and avoidance of algorithmic artifacts.
Protein Metrics Inc. has created a new intact mass analysis package that enables what the biopharma industry has asked for: intact mass reports from low- or high-resolution MS, from any MS vendor, and any type of MS instrument. PMI Intact Mass software also analyzes any number of elution peaks, obviating the need for each chromatographic region to be processed independently.

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