Originally developed with Genentech.

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Application Notes & Videos

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  • Automatically annotates elution peaks with peptides from in silico digest or an MS2 search
  • User annotation and validation based on MS1, MS2, and/or manual identifications
  • Accurately aligns and quantitatively compares up to 10 UV or TIC peptide maps
  • Identification of co-eluting peaks
  • Tracking on CQA’s with flagging of peaks with out-of-tolerance intensities
  • Exports figures and tables in variety of formats

     Advanced Peptide Mapping Software for Therapeutic Proteins


Product Description

Byomap™ is advanced peptide mapping software developed in collaboration with biopharmaceutical scientists. The software sets a smooth baseline, detects and annotates elution peaks, and computes peak areas for accurate relative quantitation. Byomap™ can simultaneously align and compare up to 10 peptide maps to an annotated reference map, and export figures and tables for filing documents.

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