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Application Notes & Videos

AppNote_AspDeamidApplication Note: Asn Deamidation Quantification



Byologic_Movie Video: Byologic for sequence variant and detailed PTM analysis


  • Convenient identification of sequence variants, protein modifications, and degradants down to concentrations of < 0.1% of the unmodified form
  • Rapid rejection of false-positive identifications
  • Visual comparison of MS1 and MS2 spectra of variant and unmodified forms
  • Label-free quantification of variant relative to the unmodified sequence using XICs
  • Exports figures and tables in variety of formats
Product Description

Byologic® is unique software developed in partnership with biopharmaceutical scientists to improve accuracy and efficiency in the interpretation of mass spectrometry data and to accelerate project schedules. It is used from late discovery through clinical development to define design space and product profile and it supports Multi-Attribute Method reporting. The software enables researchers to confidently characterize their product down to trace components, and reduces turn-around time by a number of weeks. Tables and figures can be exported in a variety of formats for application filings.

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    Inspection and Quantification Software for Therapeutic Proteins