Marshall Bern will be presenting a poster on work with Albert Heck’s Group and will be participating in the Glycoinformatics Hands-on Workshop – 2nd December 13:30 during the Glycobiology meeting in San Francisco, Dec 1- 4.

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Eric Carlson was an invited speaker and a session chair at the Bioproduction Summit 2015 in San Francisco.  His talk was titled “Accelerate biotherapeutic development; Data analysis and reporting tools for rapid, comprehensive PTM and sequence variant analysis.”









Marshall Bern is an invited speaker and is speaking on bioinformatics and using Byonic to enable glyco analysis at this year’s ASMS Asilomar Conference:  Advances in Glycomics and Glycoproteomics: Methods and Applications.  (Oct 10-14).


We are at ASMS 2014 and booth #100. Please come and visit us. Also see our talks and posters.

Booth #100

MOE am Oral, 9:10am – 9:30am  Informatics for mAb analysis from top to bottom
MOG pm Oral, 2:50pm-3:10pm Streamlining Sequence Variant and Modification Analysis of Therapeutic Proteins

Mon Poster 149 Top Down analysis of protein classes with incomplete genomes
Tue Poster 74 Automated Parameter Setting for Protein Database Searches
Tue Poster 91 Top-down Proteomics with a Bottom-up Algorithm
Wed Poster 41 Rapid Characterization, Annotation, Comparison of Peptide Maps
Wed Poster 65 Comprehensive Analysis of Recombinant Human Epo Glycoforms
Wed Poster 88 An integrated top-down and bottom-up approach for intact glycoprotein analysis of Aspergillus niger secretome
Thur Poster 222 TMT10-Tails Workflow for Identification and Quantification of neo N-terminal Proteolytic Peptides

PDF’s of posters

At this annual meeting on well characterized biopharmaceutical products, we had a display table and presented a poster entitled: Tracking Variants, Modifications, and Contaminants of Therapeutic Proteins: Byologic software.


10th Symposium on the Practical Applications of Mass Spectrometry in the Biotechnology Industry, in Boston, Massachusetts

At this symposium, we had a table display and presented two posters.

The first poster was a joint presentation with Genentech:  Top-Down Analysis of Oxidation Hotspots in an IgG1 Fc Using Byonic™ Software

The second poster was on our new software for the biotech industry:  Byologic™:  A Software System for MS-Based Identification, Validation, and Quantification of Sequence Variants, PTMs, and Glycosylation in Therapeutic Proteins

At ASMS we had five presentations with researchers at other institutions:

  • Oral ThOB 3:30pm Combining fragmentation data with an interactive de novo sequencing program to characterize circulating antibodies against Malaria
  • Poster 203, session TP11 Targeted derivatization for a better MS/MS: Combining chemistry and an interactive search algorithm for sequencing peptides above 3500 Da
  • Poster 577, session WP31 De novo sequencing of toxins from predatory sea snails
  • Poster 583, session WP31 Fragmentation Patterns of EThcD Spectra of Phosphopeptides and Glycopeptides
  • Poster 601, session WP32 An informatics workflow for the analysis of the heavily N-glycosylated gp120