Are you interested in vendor-neutral mass spec software for…

Intact mass deconvolution?

Comprehensive Host Cell Protein (HCP) analysis?

Streamlined PTM analysis of biotherapeutics, from R&D to product release?

Fully automated de novo sequencing of unknown antibodies?

 Easy, flexible reporting?

Come discuss your data analysis needs and see a free demo at

ASMS 2017 Booth 410 (Indianapolis June 4-8)

Thanks to all the participants of our May 5 Protein Metrics Bay Area Workshop.  We have record attendance and a full day of excellent talks and networking.  Thanks specifically to our speakers.

Speakers included

Lieza Danan-Leon (Abbvie – Stemcentrx) – “Application and Analysis of Native LC-MS data”
Wilson Phung (Genentech) – “HT Quantitative Analysis of Bispecific Antibody Moieties and Glycosylation”
William Haskins (Catalent) – “Streamlined analysis of Antibody Drug Conjugates”
Chris Adams & Ryan Leib (Stanford University) – “HT Characterization of Complex Crosslinked Proteins”
Eric Carlson (Protein Metrics) – “Comprehensive analysis of Host Cell Proteins via LC-MS/MS Analysis”
Marshall Bern (Protein Metrics) – “Glycoproteoform Analysis”


Looking forward to including more of you the next time.  Please let us know if you are interested in speaking.

We are excited to announce that we are hosting the first series of Regional Workshops. For more information, please visit our Workshop Information Page.

We are hosting these in Dublin, Ireland (April 6, 2016), South San Francisco, CA (April 29, 2016), and Cambridge, MA (May 16, 2016) and will be including speakers from Pfizer, Protea, Oxford Univeristy, University of Michigan, and NIBRT. We will also be providing detailed demonstrations and having discussions about best practices and advances in data analysis for biopharma. Check it out – we look forward to seeing you there. highlights Protein Metrics new Intact Mass software in their proteomics product focus.  “Advances in Mass Spectrometry
With the advent of a wider range of therapeutic proteins, traditional methods no longer meet the requirements for speed and sensitivity. Protein Metrics Inc. has created PMI Intact Mass software, a new intact mass analysis package that enables reports from low or high-resolution mass spectrometry (MS), from any MS vendor or instrument.”