Streamlining Workflows forSequence Variant Analysis inBiotherapeutic Characterization
Wednesday, December 14, 2016 at 2 pm EST | 1 pm CST | 11 am PST
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This program will focus on how to choose the best tools for identifying sequence variants (SVs), low-level protein isoforms whose presence indicates problems with cell cultures. SV analysis (SVA) has become a crucial part of cell-line monitoring, and doing it correctly saves money and time, and guarantees the safety and quality of biotherapeutics, including biosimilars and vaccines.
SV’s contain unintended substitutions in the amino acid sequence, generally the result of mistranslation events or misincorporations. A growing number of biotherapeutics manufacturers are performing SV analyses throughout the development process to optimize clone selection and to demonstrate generational stability and culture process quality.
Join Dr. Michelle English, senior scientist with Pfizer, and experts from Protein Metrics, to learn best practices and how to optimize workflow.
In this program, you will learn how to
  • Find and quantify sequence variants with vendor-neutral software
  • Use mass spectrometric data in a time-pressured environment
  • Apply best practices for reviewing and inspecting sequence variant results in order to affirm true-positive identifications and reject false positives
  • Report and review the variety and frequency of sequence variants effectively
  • Use Byonic™ and Byologic® to optimize sequence variant analysis by mass spectrometry
Who Should Attend
  • Managers of Biopharmaceutical development groups, including Analytical Development, Process Development, and Biologics Development
  • Analytical Directors in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Biopharmaceutical Cell Line Developers
  • Mass Spectrometry Scientists in the Biopharmaceutical Industry
  • Biosimilar Manufacturers
  • CROs and CMOs
Ilker Sen, PhD

Michelle English, PhD
Senior Scientist, Mass Spectrometry and Biophysical Characterization Group
Pfizer, Inc.

Ilker Sen, PhD

Ilker Sen, PhD
Customer Success Scientist
Protein Metrics Inc.
Rita Peters

Rita Peters
Editorial Director
BioPharm International

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