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ASMS 2017 Booth 410 (Indianapolis June 4-8)


SEE, LEARN, AND DISCUSS posters co-authored with leading researchers from Amgen, Bristol-Myers Squibb, The Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, NC State, NYU, Univ of Michigan, Washington University…


  • Eli Lilly-Dedicated Protein Metrics User Meeting with Hands-on Training and Workflow Examples


  • MP 020 – “Charge heterogeneity analysis of intact monoclonal antibodies using CESI-MS”
  • MP 023 – “High-throughput Mass Spectrometric Analysis: From Covalently Labeled Proteins to Antibody Drug Conjugates”
  • MP 331 – “Workflow for Simultaneous Biotherapeutic Peptide Mapping and Host Cell Protein Analysis Utilizing In-silico Peptide Monitoring”
  • MP 659 – “Increasing Dynamic Range and Sample Insight for Top-Down Proteoform Profling Analysis Using Data-Dependent MS/MS Experiments”
  • and live demos at Booth 410…


  • Tuesday 5:45 – 7 pm workshop  — Bioinformatics Approaches for Glycomics / Glycoproteomics, Rooms 131-132
  • TP 042 – “Intact Mass Analysis and DAR Calculation for Antibody-Drug Conjugates”
  • TP 059 – “Highly Automated Analysis of Antibody Chain Shuffling in Bispecific Antibodies”
  • TP 081 – “Automatic End-to-End De Novo Sequencing (Including I/L) of Antibodies with EThcD Fragmentation”
  • and live demos at Booth 410…


  • WP 567 – “Expansion of the Brachylophosaurus canadensis collagen I sequence and additional evidence for the preservation of Cretaceous protein”
  • WP 660 – “Comparison of Innovator and Biosimilar Filgrastim Through LC-MS/MS, IM-MS and Gas-phase Unfolding Data Analysis”
  • and live demos at Booth 410…


  • ThP 066 – “Structural Elucidation via Automated Analysis of Complex Protein Crosslinking Data”
  • ThP 577 – “Automated Determination of Induced Monoclonal Antibody Disulfide Bond Shuffling Using Multiple Enzyme Digestions”
  • ThP 588 – “Toward chemical footprinting at residue resolution: FPOP data analysis of IL23 – antibody binding”
  • ThP 655 – “De Novo Sequencing Of Multiple Myeloma Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain CDR3 Clone From A Polyclonal Background”
  • and live demos at Booth 410…