Protein Metrics is a dynamic software company serving biopharmaceutical development professionals and proteomics researchers. The company focuses on the analysis of mass spectrometric and other analytical data on proteins and glycans. Over the past ten years, hardware for mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques has improved at an amazing rate, but the software for analyzing the resulting wealth of data has not kept pace. The company’s aim is to correct this imbalance by providing innovative software to make analytical results more complete, sensitive, accurate, and easier to achieve. Protein Metrics biopharmaceutical customers are able to improve analytical quality, minimize the risk of unintended variants and contaminants, and accelerate timelines using products built in collaboration with pharmaceutical researchers. Proteomics customers are able to increase the scientific knowledge derived from complex data sets using products based on eight years of research on proteomics and glycomics data analysis.

Our products build collaborations with pharmaceutical research scientists and on eight years of research on proteomics and glycomics data analysis at PARC, a Xerox company, and we hold exclusive license to a number of PARC patents.  See our publications page for more information on algorithms underlying our software and applications using our products.

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